Store+ FAQs

How does it work?
Our storage is different to what many people call ‘self-storage’. With having used ‘self-storage’, we always felt it was hugely time consuming. For example, driving back and forth to the self-storage place was just the start. Hiring a van to transport items. Dealing with fuelling the van and working out how the tail lift works. It was all just too much.
Once at the ‘self-storage’ place, we had to grab trolleys and shift our storage through doors, up elevators and along corridors to our storage unit. Getting a sweat on and feeling stressed isn’t how a so called ‘storage service’ should be
Storage should be simple
Additionally, the price of ‘self-storage’ was crazy –  After you do all the work, they collect a big check every month,. A small 40 sq ft unit in Glasgow was around £130 at the time.
We thought there must be a better way
We looked online to find an alternative – a service that was a FULL service from start to finish and provided not only a great product but great service 
No such storage company existed. After careful thought and consideration, we decided we were going to try and create this service ourselves and through hard work and great care, we could create something really worth talking about. 
So in short, what we do is simplify storage, packing in some great customer benefits along the way. 5 Simple Steps:
  1. You call us and provide us with details such as the collection address
  2. We collect you items free providing an inventory, insurance and transport to our Store+ Centre.
  3. We arrive at our Store+ Centre and place your items into your brand new storage unit.
  4. You put your feet up and relax!
  5. When you require your items returned, simply call or email or contact us via the website. We will return your items to your address of preference within 48 hours.
Do I need to sign a long term lease for my storage unit?
No, our storage units and totally flexible. They are contract-free rolling month to month. You can cancel anytime and also increase your storage unit size or decrease it at any time too. We have no hidden fees and no deposits required upon booking.
Are there any items I am not allowed to store
It sounds common sense, but you should never use storage for anything living. From a pet of any kind and size, down to growing plants, it would not only not be allowed, it would be cruel to any pet and probably kill most plants.
Avoid storing food and perishable items, these can rot and lead to bad smells and mould growth as well as attracting vermin. Even less obvious food such as dried animal feed or powdered milk shouldn’t be place in storage. Ensure cupboards, fridges and freezers are emptied and cleaned out prior to being stored away.
Flammable items such as kerosene and petrol, corrosive chemicals, cleaning fluids and tins of paint are all items that shouldn’t be stored away. These all have the potential not only to spill and cause damage to other items being stored, but to start a fire or even an explosion. Ensure any lamps or petrol fuelled items are drained of any flammable liquids prior to being put into storage.
Is there a minimum time I must store for?
No there isn’t. Please store for as little or as long as you require.
What security measures are in place?
We benefit from having family friends or run a alarm and cctv business. This means we have the latest alarms and CCTV from motion and weight detection, smoke and heat sensors and door and window contacts to Full HD Colour Day/Night CCTV. Our properties are monitored 24/7 by our security provider for added peace of mind. 
Is my stuff insured?

We offer insurance against damage and loss whilst your items are in storage. This is optional, but we recommend you take advantage of it for complete peace of mind. For more information please CLICK HERE.

How do I make a payment?

We can take payments over the phone via Credit or Debit Card from all major companies or via BACS bank transfer. 

How do I make a payment?

We can take payments over the phone via Credit or Debit Card from all major companies or via BACS bank transfer. 

How does access work?
We are not a self-storage location, so you cannot drive into our warehouse and gain access to your storage. We take great care in ensuring our locations are secure and we do not allow the general public on site. In order to view, add or remove items from storage, we operate a pick up and drop off service allowing you access to your items whilst putting your feet up. Another way our storage is hassle free.
Simply contact us and together we will organise a date, time so you can manage your storage from home.
Do you sell packing materials?

Yes, we do. We provide removal blankets, professional mattress protectors, boxes, tape and bubble-wrap. The cost of these are included in our packing and wrapping service – CLICK HERE to find out more.

How much notice needs to be given when I want my storage to be returned?

We kindly ask that you provide us with a minimum of 48 hours notice. However, if possible, please provide as much notice as possible so we can ensure we have space to return your items to your desired location and the most convenient time for you. 

What if I need to cancel my storage booking?
This is not a problem, just give a minimum of 48 hours notice of a cancellation. There is no charge for cancellation and you will be fully refunded. 
If you don’t make us aware of cancellation, or you cancel with less than 48 hours before your collection slot, there is no charge for cancellation but usually would not provide a refund in order to cover staff costs and time lost.
How do I get my storage back?

Call, email or contact us via our website and together we will arrange a date, time and location for the return of your storage. We will return your storage to your address of preference and unload your items  for you when we arrive.

How much does Storage cost?
Our storage price is fixed price for the full duration of time you spend storing with us. For full pricing information please CLICK HERE
What is included in the price? Are there any hidden extras?
We do not have any hidden costs, fees or surcharges – we don’t think that is a fair way to run a business. We are clear and honest about our service and this includes pricing. Your fixed storage price covers everything we provide as part of our store+ product. It includes VAT at 20%.
If you choose to go with our optional insurance or packing and wrapping service, these will always be itemised on your invoice.
Your dedicated storage manager will always be available to discuss any billing queries or if you are a new customer and have billing queries you can call 0800 987 5550 and speak to one of the team.
Do you offer any discounts?

Yes we do. A 6 month advance payment on storage attracts a 15% discount. You can choose to pay in advance at any time.

Do I pay weekly or monthly?
Since most storage companies quote storage prices on a weekly basis, we do too so that you can easily compare and see that our storage is up to 50% less than comparable storage.
However, payments are taken on a rolling month to month basis either over the phone or by BACS bank transfer. Given that there are an average of 4.33 weeks per month your monthly payment will be just over 4x your fixed weekly price.
You can also pay 6 months in advance and receive a 15% discount. 
How are payments taken?
Payments are taken monthly either over the phone or via BACS bank transfer. We recommend that you set up a standing order. Payments should be made on the same day of every month. You can choose what date every month you would like to pay – just contact us to do this. 
Payments more than 7 days late will be subject to an additional £15. 
Can I transfer to a larger/smaller storage unit if I need more/less space
Our storage is very flexible. Increase or decrease the size of your unit at short notice. Usually, we can accommodate changes within 48 hours.
What documentation do I need to provide?

We do not require any documentation to start storing

How do I know how much storage space I will need.
This is a fundamentally important question. In order to answer it fully, we have written a ‘Space Guide’ page for you to explore and help decide how much space you need. We are also here to help and would love to speak to you about your requirements. You can call us on 0800 987 5550
Do I have to pay a deposit?
No, we do not believe in deposits and therefore all of our storage units are available without the need for a deposit.