Removal Insurance.

In this section, we provide information on our different cover products offered to our home and business removal customers.

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Our 3 Types of Available Cover.

We highly recommend considering all types of cover for your home or business removal – it provides a level of security and peace of mind which makes moving easy and stress-free.

What is it?

We offer Store+ Cover: Removal and Goods in Transit. This provides you with removal and goods in transit damage and loss waiver. This cover means your items are fully protected during:

1.Removal from your property

2.Loading onto our vehicles

3.Unloading from our vehicles

4.Re-Delivery to your new address

We will replace, repair or offer compensation for items up to a total value of £5,000.

A key benefit of Store+ is that it is provided free of any excess. We highly recommend that you arrange cover as this protects your items from the moment they begin to be removed from your property and loaded on our vehicles to the moment they arrive at their new destination.


These Q & As apply to all of our cover types.

Q – How is this different from liability insurance?

Many second-rate companies offer indemnity insurance whilst your items are in transit. If items are lost or damaged, then only the second-hand value of goods is paid if items are lost or destroyed. With Store+ Cover, we always pay the ‘brand-new’ cost if items are damaged or lost.

Q – Does Store+ Cover extend to cover me if my collection address is out with central Scotland?

Store+ Cover is provided across the UK and Northern Ireland.

Q – How do I make a claim?

Your claim will be processed by our team as quickly as possible in accordance with our Store+ Cover terms and conditions. If you wish to make a claim, you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery.



Removal and Goods in Transit Cover is calculated as 12.5% of your professional removal price

What is it?

In the event that we cause accidental damage to your property, all storage companies limit their liability to pay for repair costs. For your peace of mind, you can purchase additional cover through our Property Protection Waiver. 

Protection Level

Property Protection covers your property your moving from or the property your moving to – or both – in the event that accidental damage occurs up to a total repair cost of £5,000 per property


Property Protection waiver starts at £25.00 + VAT per property

Waiting Time Waiver

No one can prepare you for the unexpected. However, we can cover you against it.

When something happens that means you are unable to gain access to your new property at the agreed time it can be extremely stressful. Sales chains, building work or previous occupiers preventing access are all out with your control – our Waiting Time Waiver protects you against access problems on removal day day.

This Waiver will waive the additional fees for up to 5 hours, saving you up to £225 + VAT.

Cancellation Waiver

Sometimes, things happen and we understand that plans must change. Usually, if you cancel or postpone the removal after it has been confirmed, you will be liable for a cancellation fee. However, by opting for our Cancellation Waiver, you will not incur any additional costs if your plans change.


Waiting Time Waiver is £55.00 + VAT

Cancellation Waiver is quoted once we have completed a home visit. You can arrange a home visit to get your quote by clicking here

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