We Pack Quality into Every Move.

Our expert team will safely pack your belongings for onward transportation. This is a convenient service designed to save you time and effort.

It seems simple but packing well can be a tricky job.

There are mistakes that are easy to make and sometimes its hard to know what should go where. Clear labelling of boxes and the use of the right wrapping materials is just the beginning.

We highly recommend Box Smart’s Packing and Wrapping service for every client because we ensure your fragile items and most prized possessions are handled and packed carefully. By choosing a high quality, reputable company to do your packing and wrapping, you will benefit from a better, smoother and more stress-free experience. We offer packing and wrapping for small, national and international moves as well as export packing.


What we do for you

It goes without saying, that we really are at the top of our game when it comes to all aspects of packing and wrapping, whether that be for home or business storage or for home or business removals. Disassembling, packing, transporting and reassembling is something we do with experience and with pride.  Over time, we have had the opportunity to test out nearly all packing and wrapping products available. With such experience, today it means we can reliably advise clients that we use the best packing and wrapping products available to the market. Included in the products we use are high-grade, ultra-tough mattress protectors, specialist silverware wrapping paper and 100% recyclable foam protection padding.

Everything we pack is covered when you opt for our Store+ Cover. So, in effect, we are a full-service provider which aims to leave you in a better place than when we meet. If you’re considering our packing and wrapping provision for your home move or business move and you’re interested in having a chat about your requirements, we’re always here to help.

Specialist Fragile Packing Service

With our class-leading wrapping materials and variety of packing boxes, we go above and beyond to ensure fragile items are given the care they require to ensure safe transportation from A to B. Our Specialist Fragile Packing Service maximises the protection of your fragile goods.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

We have been and continue to be at the forefront of sustainable packing and wrapping within the industry. We are continually looking for new and exiting products which allow us to provide an even better service whilst reducing our environmental impact. Everything that can be IS recycled at the end of its useful life.

For your reference, all timber we use in our storage and removal operations is made using sustainable timber – we never purchase tropical timber or hardwood. We always consider our environmental impact and no unnecessary waste is created during our day-to-day business.

Our Staff

Since we are a family-run business, we work hard on a collective goal to continually innovate and improve as a team. We complete regular training and retraining in order to provide a reliable and trustworthy service. We have the necessary skills to pack any item, big or small.

How we pack different items

  • Clothing. We have special wardrobe cartons with fitted rails to keep your clothes hanging throughout your removal.
  • Sofas and armchairs. Your sofa is covered with a removal sheet and then is wrapped in protective packaging to keep it safe during the move.
  • Televisions. We use ultra-padded TV covers for optimum protection during the move.
  • Art. We use protective sleeves to keep artwork safe and removal blankets as an additional protective layer to guarantee safe transportation
  • Mattresses. We use ultra-tough, high grade plastic protection removal mattress bags.

 Can you provide boxes and other packing materials?

Yes, we provide a full range of boxes and packing materials with our packing and wrapping service free of charge. You can also purchase packing and wrapping materials from us if you opt to pack yourself. Please advise us of your requirements and we would be delighted to assist you. We highly recommend taking advantage of our packing and wrapping service for the perfect home removal experience

How do you price your packing and wrapping service?

We provide a quote for our packing and wrapping service via our free home visit for removals and at an hourly rate for our storage collections. 

A packing and wrapping quote for a home or business removal is unique because of factors which vary from home to home. For example, size of home, materials needed and what actually needs to be packed (antiques, art, breakables, books etc.)

What do I need to do if I opt for the packing and wrapping service?

Relax! We will do everything. For our arrival, just make sure that washing machines/dishwashers/dryers have been disconnected. Fridges and freezers are empty and defrosted and fuel has been emptied from lawn mowers.

Can we discuss packing and wrapping during our free home visit?

Definitely. It’s a key part of our home visit. We go over all details to make sure you have the information and knowledge you need to make the right decision. Your Move Manager will go through all these options with you and provide a quote which itemises everything. This allows you to take what you want and leave what you don’t, ultimately giving you a customisable quote tailored to you.


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