Answers to your most frequently requested moving-related inquiries from Box Smart

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Some of your most frequently asked questions are addressed by Box Smart.

How soon should I begin requesting quotations from removal companies?

Earlier is preferable. It makes sense to schedule your removal well in advance in order to minimise tension and disappointment because some times and days are busier than others. A quote provided by Box Smart is good for up to six months. The first thing you should do is reserve a removal company once you have the date of your house relocation set.

How do you calculate moving cost estimates?

Once you’ve gotten in touch, we’ll require a list of everything you’re transporting. The best approach to figure this out is to go from room to room while making notes on the stuff in each and any unique items that might need to be disassembled. Unless you’ve recently moved, it’s impossible to predict exactly how many boxes you’ll have, so if you can just give us an estimate, we can construct a quote based on that. Recall your garden, shed, and attic supplies.

The floor positions of the two homes, whether we can park outside or whether there is a short distance between the van and the front door, the number of vans and workers needed, and how flexible you are with your move date are additional factors that affect your house move estimate. Since Fridays are the most common day for house relocation, you might be able to save money if you can relocate on a different day of the week.

What if, after receiving a house moving quote, I finish packing and discover that the quantity of moving boxes and bags is far higher than I had anticipated?

This is typical. Please let us know right away if the volume has changed significantly after you’ve done packing. This is not a major concern if it only involves a few extra boxes and bags. But if you estimate, for example, 30 boxes and the actual number is closer to 100, well, that can make a big difference and we might need to raise the price, especially if it’s a top floor tenement as every extra item means significantly more work and time, and we might need to assign another staff member to finish the job. The extra things could mean the difference between everything fitting into one van and having to put in a second, which may not be an option at short notice, if we give a quote based on a list that turns out to be a big underestimation.

Along with your moving service, do you also provide packing services?

Yes. We provide a complete packing service with all necessary packaging supplies. If this is something you need, please let us know so we can provide a price. We can move everything in your house, or simply a specific room or two. It is up to you. Many people prefer to pack themselves, at least in part. The kitchen is the partial pack we are asked to assist with the most frequently, which makes sense given that here is where most of the breakables are kept.

How much time would it take you to pack up my house?

The size of your house and the amount you want us to pack will determine this. It can take anywhere from a few hours to a whole day, and normally we send out a crew of 3 or 4. Moving and packing can sometimes be done on the same day, but other times, we may need to pack everything on one day and move on the next.

What transpires if getting the keys to the new house and packing the vehicle take longer than expected?

When the removal is a link in a chain, it happens a tedious amount of times. The process of receiving the keys to your new home is entirely out of your control, and for whatever reason, the solicitors occasionally take their time handing over the keys, which can result in some waiting after the van has been loaded.

We understand this, but as our employees are paid by the hour, we are forced to impose a waiting fee. We can start your removal later in the morning so that it is more probable that the keys will be ready by the time everything is loaded, reducing the risk of waiting and, consequently, the fees associated. However, you might need to leave by a specific time because it’s common for someone to move out of a property on the same day as someone else moves in. There isn’t much that can be done in this situation, but once the van is loaded, we’ll take a 30-minute lunch break before the timer starts. In practise, the wait period is rarely longer than a couple of hours.

What is the cost for any possible wait?

Once the van is loaded, we take a 30-minute lunch break before billing each employee £15 per hour. Therefore, the price is £30 per hour for two movers working on the assignment, and £45 per hour for three people waiting.

Do you handle cross-country house moves?

Yes. In fact, during the past few years, we have travelled to some stunning regions of the nation. We routinely travel to London and almost equally frequently find ourselves travelling to Scotland’s most northern regions. If you’re relocating to Europe, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote because we even do removals across the continent.

Do you have insurance for moving houses?

most definitely We have three types of insurance: hiring & reward, which is a legal necessity for the work we undertake; items in transit; and public liability, which protects the general public and property from mishaps that may occur while a removal is in progress.

What will happen if any of my belongings are harmed in the house move?

Even though we always take the utmost care when doing removals, damage could very rarely happen. In this case, we’ll first check to see if one of our employees can fix the damage, either right quickly or after leaving to gather any required materials. If this is not feasible, we will obtain repair cost estimates. As previously mentioned, we are fully insured, so even in the worst-case scenario, we may be able to make a claim under our insurance.

Does the furniture being moved undergo disassembly or reassembly?

Yes. We provide this service for a fee. We ought to be able to handle it as long as it doesn’t call for extremely specialised knowledge or tools. If you need this service, please let us know in advance, preferably with some pictures of the things, so that we can send out the appropriately qualified staff members.

Does your moving business connect and unplug white goods?

Although it is not normally the responsibility of a moving firm, we do provide this service. We assume no responsibility for complications that may emerge with plumbing, and it is ultimately the customer’s obligation to make sure any white goods are safely disconnected and prepared for moving. This service carries a little fee because it extends the removal process.

How do you handle cancellations?

There is an option to add a cancellation waiver for £50 plus VAT to your removal price. You are completely protecting yourself against losing your deposit in the event of a cancellation by purchasing this. Your money will be returned in full if you cancel your house move with more than 7 days’ notice and decide not to buy the waiver. A deposit will be lost for any cancellations made with less than 7 days’ notice. If your removal is delayed rather than cancelled, you will receive a 50% refund of your deposit, which will be deducted from the overall cost.

If any of the furniture pieces won’t fit, do moving company remove the windows and doors?

You won’t find a typical moving company doing this. Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that modern doors frequently pull off rather easily. We are happy to remove such a door from your property at no additional cost if doing so will permit the safe passage of an item. On the other hand, the removal of windows is a task best left to experts and is not something that moving firms typically provide.

Are the movers you utilise trained?

Absolutely, and to the greatest standards. Each employee on our crew goes through training till they are totally competent. The van drivers are skilled and have the necessary licences. Staff members from Box Smart will arrive in business attire.

Will your moving crew place each box in the room of my choice?

Certainly. The most effective approach to do this is to label each moving box with the room to which it is assigned. Additionally, while at the new home, it won’t hurt to have a family member direct our movers as they exit the vehicle carrying your possessions.

Offer storage services?

not immediately. We are pleased to set everything up for you because we have our own storage facilities in Glasgow. We are happy to collect quotations and handle all the legwork if you need storage somewhere else as well. We can provide short-term or long-term storage for everything from a few items to the belongings of a whole household.

What gives Box Smart Removals its “Smart” edge?

Box Smart has two prominent green certifications. The first is that, as far as we are aware, we are the only removals business in the UK to have an electric vehicle in our fleet. Even though it is smaller than our primary moving vehicles, it can carry approximately a tonne and has a range of about 150 miles before requiring recharging. After purchasing this van in November 2021, it has motivated us to make the commitment to only purchase electric vehicles going forward.

All of the non-electric vans in our fleet have Euro 6 engines, which reduce the amount of hazardous pollutants they release compared to older models and allow them to operate in low emission and congestion charge zones without incurring additional fees.

Please let us know if you need anything taken to a charity since we would like to see any furniture pieces that still have some life in them returned to the community.

Will you require a deposit for moving my house?

For every job, we require a 30 percent deposit, which is deducted from the whole cost. We also provide the option to purchase a cancellation waiver, which effectively insures you against moving failure and ensures that you get your entire deposit returned. Because we want to run an ethical business, if the worst happens and your job is cancelled close to moving day and you haven’t acquired the waiver, we will pay you if we can find another employment to take your place. See our terms & conditions for for details.

Any other information I ought to know before moving day?

Just keep us informed if anything changes that might have an impact on your move. It will be simpler for you to unpack (and our crew) if you label each box with the room you want it in if we aren’t packing for you. If we aren’t, please make sure all contents are confined in sealed boxes.

Everything is good! How can I schedule a move?

Simple. You can either call us or complete one of our “quick estimate forms” that are located on every page of our website. After you’ve completed this, a member of our team will contact you to gather any additional information before putting together a quote.

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