Access to Storage

Access is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Sometime you may prefer to bring your belongings to us instead of having them collected. We are happy to accommodate this. If you are moving from a more expensive storage company to Box Smart, we can also arrange to collect your items from there for free. They could also deliver to our storage centre if they wish to do so.

If you wish to view your storage at our storage centre, all that’s needed is 48 hours notice so that we can organise for your SmartPod to be delivered to the viewing area at your storage centre.

Return of Storage

Quick and Simple: You schedule a return delivery by phone or email, you choose what you would like returned, you choose a delivery date.

How do I know that all my items are returned?

Your items are stored in SmartPods – large storage box that your items are loaded into and then closed, locked and sealed with security seals.